Training and Outreach Program

The New York State Offices of the Inspector General conduct a multi-faceted outreach program, educating state agencies, insurers, and professional organizations to increase awareness of the Offices’ mission and promote honesty, accountability, and efficiency throughout New York State.


The New York State Inspector General trains New York State’s executive branch agencies about the role of the Inspector General, ethical standards, and state employees’ responsibility to report fraud, corruption, criminal activity and abuse to the Inspector General under New York State Executive Law Article 4-A.  The New York State Workers’ Compensation Fraud Inspector General delivers presentations to administrative law judges, professional organizations, and insurers to increase awareness of workers’ compensation fraud and the Workers’ Compensation Fraud Inspector General’s role in preventing and investigating fraud in New York State.  Each year, the New York State Welfare Inspector General conducts trainings for associations of welfare investigators, local departments of social services, and large retail stores, among other organizations, on the detection and prevention of welfare fraud.


The Offices also distribute a variety of informational materials that explain the role of the New York State Offices of the Inspector General and provide the Offices’ contact information.  If you are interested in scheduling a presentation by one of the Offices, or in receiving informational materials, please contact:

          Chief Counsel           New York State Offices of the Inspector General           Phone: 518-474-1010           Address: Empire State Plaza, Agency Bldg 2, 16th Floor                                  Albany, NY 12223