Office of the Workers' Compensation Fraud Inspector General

Workers Compensation Fraud Inspector General
About the Office


WCFIG, as established by §136 of the New York State Workers' Compensation Law, is responsible for investigating violations of the laws and regulations pertaining to the operation of the workers' compensation system.

WCFIG's investigations into violations of workers' compensations laws, rules and regulations may include the analysis of materials such as claim files and medical records, as well as taking of testimony from employers, attorneys, employees, health care providers, and insurance carriers. These investigations result in prosecutions throughout the State, as well as recovery of payments derived from fraudulent activities. Through its investigations and audits, the Workers' Compensation Fraud Inspector General's efforts to identify, investigate and prevent workers' compensation fraud focuses on reducing costs to the workers' compensation system.

Additionally, the Workers’ Compensation Fraud Inspector General provides investigatory oversight of the State's Paid Family Leave program.  Signed into law in 2016 by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, the New York State Paid Family Leave program is the most comprehensive family leave program in the nation.  The New York State Paid Family Leave program provides New Yorkers with job-protected paid leave to care for newborn children and loved ones with serious health conditions, or to help families of active duty military personnel.


Types of Fraud
Employee Fraud

Occurs when an employee intentionally misrepresents or helps another misrepresent an injury for the purpose of obtaining workers’ compensation benefits to which they are not otherwise entitled.

Employer Fraud

Occurs when an employer misrepresents facts about its employees in order to obtain workers’ compensation coverage for a premium price or knowingly denies an employee to obtain compensation, lies about entitlement to benefits or discourages an injured employee to pursue a claim. 

Healthcare Provider Fraud

Occurs when a healthcare provider intentionally submits a material misrepresentation about medical treatment for a workers’ compensation claimant in a bill or invoice. Fraud may be committed by any provider in the workers’ compensation system (i.e. doctors, rehabilitation counselors, pharmacists, or chiropractors). 


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Attorney-In Charge for Workers’ Compensation Fraud
Bryan Richmond

Bryan Richmond serves as the Attorney-In Charge for Workers’ Compensation Fraud at the Offices of the New York State Inspector General under Inspector General Lucy Lang. In this role he is dedicated to ensuring that the Inspector General’s Office is the leader in the fight against and prevention of corruption, fraud and abuse in the New York State Workers’ Compensation system and state government. Mr. Richmond also participates in numerous other cooperative interagency anti-fraud initiatives throughout the State, coordinating efforts with multiple agencies and prosecutors on matters investigated both independently and cooperatively.

Mr. Richmond has nearly 20 years of legal experience including more than a decade in private practice prior to joining the offices of the Inspector General, representing employers, municipalities, insurers and their insureds in Workers’ Compensation matters and other areas of civil defense litigation. Prior to practicing law, Mr. Richmond was a tax accountant with a Big Four accounting firm. Mr. Richmond has presented numerous specialized training courses to both public and private organizations throughout the State of New York in the areas of identifying, investigating and prosecuting Workers’ Compensation fraud and other revenue crimes.

Mr. Richmond has a history of service with his local library, serving for eleven years on the Board of Trustees including two years as its President. A devoted father, Mr. Richmond is raising twin boys with his wife in upstate New York.