Office of the Inspector General

New York State Inspector General
About the Office


Under New York State Executive law Article 4-A, the Inspector General has jurisdiction over all executive branch agencies, departments, divisions, officers, boards and commissions, and over most public authorities and public benefit corporations. The Inspector General's functions and responsibilities include receiving and investigating complaints concerning allegations of corruption, fraud, criminal activity, conflicts of interest or abuse in any entity under the Inspector General's jurisdiction. This jurisdiction includes state-funded infrastructure investments and projects.

In addition to the statutorily mandated duties, the Inspector General undertakes additional responsibilities. Specifically the  Inspector General's responsibilities include direct monitoring and investigative activities involving several of the State's most prominent infrastructure projects including the Governor Mario M. Cuomo bridge, the Jacob Javits Convention Center expansion and the Moynihan Train Hall. The Inspector General provides procurement and contract management monitoring, and investigates allegations of fraud and abuse. 

Mission of the Inspector General

With a staff of trained investigators, experienced attorneys and skilled forensic investigators, the Office of the Inspector General is committed to combating corruption and promoting greater efficiency in government. 

Audit and Review

By investigating allegations of misconduct and conducting audits and systemic reviews, the Office of the Inspector General is able to accomplish their mission of eliminating corruption, fraud, criminal activity, conflicts of interest, and abuses of office in the State entities. 


The Office of the Inspector General also makes recommendations to State agency programs and procedures that will bring positive and permanent reform to the State.