WCFIG 2022 Annual Report Cover - HERO 2
April 18, 2023

Workers' Compensation Fraud Inspector General 2022 Annual Report

Workers' Compensation Fraud Inspector General 2022 Annual Report
IG Lucy Lang WCB Presentation

Yesterday, Inspector General Lucy Lang released the 2022 Annual Report of the Workers’ Compensation Fraud Inspector General (WCFIG), which details the Office’s efforts to eliminate fraud and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the workers’ compensation system. In conjunction with this release, IG Lang, along with Bryan Richmond, the Attorney-In-Charge of WCFIG matters at the Offices of the Inspector General, addressed the Workers’ Compensation Board at its Board Meeting in Schenectady. The report demonstrates the impact of IG Lang’s initiatives during her first full year serving as the state’s Workers’ Compensation Fraud Inspector General, including:

  • The creation of an Attorney-in-Charge position staffed by a subject matter expert responsible for supervising all WCFIG matters
  • Amplifying the Office’s internal and external training programs
  • Dramatically expanding the use of social media to raise awareness of agency resources
  • Increasing the size of the agency’s complaint triage team

Resulting in:

  • 1,462 complaints – a 30% increase from calendar year 2021
  • Arrests of 16 people following WCFIG investigations – double the number from 2021.
    • Nine resulting in criminal convictions, with seven matters still pending
  • The uncovering of $2.7 million in new workers compensation fraud in 2022 alone
  • The recovery of nearly $5 million through restitution, fines, and other court orders following the resolution of new and previously pending investigations

Asked to reflect on these accomplishments, Inspector General Lang said, “It is a privilege to help protect this essential system on behalf of all hardworking New Yorkers.  Our partnership with the Workers’ Compensation Board is critical to the success of our work and I look forward to continuing to collaborate with them on the fight against fraud.”

That sentiment was echoed by Clarissa M. Rodriguez, Esq., Chair of the NYS Workers’ Compensation Board, who added, “Combatting fraud is essential to maintaining the integrity of the workers’ compensation system and ensuring that the rights of employees and employers are protected under the statute. We applaud the vigorous efforts of the Inspector General’s Office to ensure that those who commit workers’ compensation fraud are punished and held accountable.”

To learn more about WCFIG’s comprehensive work in 2022, read the full report or visit ig.ny.gov. To connect with the Offices of the New York State Inspector General on social media, follow @NewYorkStateIG.