Office of the Inspector General

Training and Outreach Program

As part of its mission to promote honesty, accountability, and efficiency in State government, the Office of the State Inspector General conducts an ongoing and multi-faceted Outreach Program.

The program has two major components. One aspect consists of integrity presentations to State employees in agencies within our jurisdiction. These education and training presentations are designed to assist employees in how to recognize and report wrongdoing by others, and to provide the employees with strategies for adhering to ethical standards in their own conduct.

In support of the integrity presentation, and as a means of reaching a wider audience of State employees and members of the public, we distribute and make available a variety of informational materials. These materials explain the role of the Inspector General's Office and describe how contacting our Office with complaints of wrongdoing is quick and simple.

State agencies interested in scheduling integrity presentations or receiving informational materials should contact:

        Michele Host
        Chief Counsel
        Office of the State Inspector General
        Phone:  212-635-3150
        Address:  61 Broadway, Suite 2100
        New York, NY 10006

       Pauline Ross
       Chief of Staff and Counsel
       Office of the State Inspector General
       Phone: 212-635-3150
       Address: 61 Broadway, Suite 2100
       New York, NY 10006