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Former State Employee Admits Stealing Dozens Of New Laptop Computers Meant For Government Offices, 8/24/16

State Contract Bridge Inspector Indicted For Forged And Falsified Safety Review, 8/18/16

Former Thousand Islands State Parks Employee Sentenced To Pay Back Nearly $61,000 He Stole In Dock And Boat Rental Fees, 8/12/16

Long Island CPA Indicted For Unemployment Insurance, Welfare And Social Security Fraud Scheme Of Nearly $125,000, 8/11/16

Former State Employee Indicted For Stealing Dozens Of New Laptop Computers Meant For State Offices, 8/11/16

State Employee Falsified Resume With Fake College Credentials, 8/10/16

Former DEC Project Manager Pleads Guilty To Grand Larceny For Running Elaborate Contractor Fraud Scheme, 8/9/16

Woman Feigned Use Of Cane For Walking To Fraudulently Obtain More Than $27,000 In Workers' Comp Benefits, 8/4/16

State Division Of Human Rights Circumvented Contracting Rules In Hiring Temporary Employees At Improperly Inflated Rates, 8/1/16

WCC Coach Facing 18-Count Indictment For Using Falsified And Forged Transcripts To Get Players Accepted At NCAA Schools, 7/28/16

Investigation Into Athl. Commission Finds Deficient Practices And Policies, Lack Of Oversight And Conflicts Of Interest, 7/25/16

Elmira Bartender Pleads Guilty To Over $21,000 Workers' Compensation Fraud, 7/18/16

Former Volunteer Firefighter Indicted On Charge Of Stealing Nearly $5,000 In Volunteer Firefighters' Benefits, 7/14/16

Housing Official Sentenced To Jail, Probation And Restitution For Theft Of $40,000 In Food Stamps And Housing Subsidies, 7/12/16

Former DEC Project Manager Charged With Grand Larceny For Running Elaborate Contractor Fraud Scheme, 6/30/16

Business Owner Pleads Guilty To Bilking State Insurance Plan Of 1.65 Million By Selling Employees Earbuds And Ear Plugs, 6/29/16

Former Rensselaer County Supervising Investigator Admits Misconduct For Helping Troy Housing Official Evade Arrest, 6/27/16

Queens Exec Embezzled Public Funds To Cover Her LifeStyle With Maids And Nannies, A Personal Spa And Luxury Furnishings, 6/22/16

Release To Adoptee Of Birth Mother's Identity Leads To Reforms For Filing And Maintenance Of State's Vital Records, 6/21/16

Cape Vincent Prison Employees Engaged In Unauthorized Game Of Chance With A Nearly $32,000 Prize Pool, 6/9/16

Investigation Finds Chronic Complacency And Systemic Failures Of Security Procedures Led To The Escape Of Two Murderers, 6/6/16

Husband And Wife Construction Company Owners Face Fraud Charges In City Of Amsterdam IDA Rehab Project, 6/1/16

Investigation Of The Dissemination Of New York State Board Of Election Enforcement Division Documents, 5/31/16

Schenectady Home Improvement Contractor Charged With Workers' Compensation Fraud, 5/26/16

Capital Region Landlord Pleads Guilty And Pays Nearly $8,000 Restitution For Food Stamp Fraud In The Bronx, 5/26/16

Hudson Valley Business Owner Stole More Than $100,000 In Workers' Compensation Benefits While Training Dogs, 5/25/16

State DOT Technician Used State Issued Credit Cards To Buy Fuel And Groceries For His Personal Use, 5/19/16

State Contract Bridge Inspector Forged And Falsified Safety Review, 5/18/16

State Department Of Transportation Technician Used State Issued Credit Card To Buy Personal Fuel And Auto Repairs, 5/17/16

Former Syracuse Police Sergeant Pleads Guilty To Wage Theft, 5/16/16

State Prison Guard Pleads Guilty To Facilitating $1.6 Million State Insurance Plan Scam, 5/5/16

Bronx Woman Pleads Guilty To Stealing $115,000 In Welfare Benefits By Concealing Spouse's Income, 5/5/16

Statement By NYS Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott On The Federal Guilty Plea Of Cherisse Watson-Jackson, 5/3/16

Central New York Prison Guard Charged With More Than $38,000 In Sick Leave Theft And Workers' Compensation Fraud, 4/27/16

Long Island CPA Created Fake Identity And False Employment Record As Part Of A $207,000 Fraud Scheme, 4/21/16

Department Of Motor Vehicles Clerk Stole State Funds Through Forged Check Scheme, 4/20/16

Elmira Bartender Indicted By A Grand Jury For Workers' Compensation Fraud Scheme, 4/18/16

Rockland County Man Pleads Guilty To Workers' Compensation Fraud And Is Ordered To Pay More Than $27,000 In Restitution, 4/15/16

Rochester Grocer Guilty Of Food Stamp Fraud, 3/29/16

Former Senior Investigator Pleads Guilty To Defrauding The New York Power Authority In $3 Million Contract Scheme, 3/25/16

State Contractor To Pay More Than $3 Million In Penalties For Outsourcing Millions Of Fingerprint Records, 3/24/16

Direct Care Worker To serve Jail Time And Repay Nearly $40,000 For Work He Never Performed, 3/22/16

Central NY Heavy Equipment Operator Stole More Than $75K In Workers' Compensation Benefits, 3/15/16

New York State Offices Of The Inspector General Recognized As 2015 Insurance Fraud Fighter Of The Year, 3/10/16

Former Supervisor Of State Group Homes For The Developmentally Disabled Indicted On Charges Of Identity Theft, 3/2/16

Queens Woman Pleads Guilty And Pays Back Nearly $80,000 In Welfare Benefits, 3/1/16

2015 NYS Workers' Compensation Fraud Inspector General Annual Report

2015 NYS Office of the Welfare Inspector General Annual Report

Statement By New York State Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott On Gene Palmer's Guilty Plea, 2/29/16

Statement From Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott On The Sentencing Of David Sweat, 2/3/16

Niagara Falls Man Accused Of Defrauding Workers' Compensation System For More Than $82,000, 1/8/16

Prison Internal Affairs Official Pleads Guilty To Criminal Coercion For Inappropriate Sexual Conduct, 1/6/16

Statement Of Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott Upon The Criminal Coercion Guilty Plea Of James A. Ferro, 1/5/16

Criminal Ring Charged With Stealing Dozens Of New Laptop Computers Meant For State Offices, 1/4/16

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Message from the Inspector General

Catherine Leahy-Scott

New York State’s residents are entitled to a government that is committed to the highest standards of integrity, efficiency, and accountability. We in the Office of the State Inspector General have been entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that State officials and employees meet these fundamentally important standards. It is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Indeed, we are committed to promoting and enhancing an environment that instills public confidence in our government and are proud to work with and for the thousands of public employees and citizens alike who share that commitment.

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